Garfield & me : the director’s interview

I’ve already introduced to you to my main man, Jon, my main dog, Odie, but not yet to the team who created this new show, especially to the director of the series Philippe Vidal.

I hereby proudly introduce Philippe!

In this interview, he talks abour adapting me in an animated series. And of course, we all want to know more about me.

After you hear the interview, two things will stick in your mind :

1) I look like you ! Seriously, as my creator Jim Davis says, I’m just a human in a cat suit. Personally, I think that’s giving humans a lot of credit!

2) Go through 3 labels to an 11 minutes’show in total CGI (computer generated images). that’s a lot of work! In order to keep up with me, the animation team had to work a lot, find the perfect graphic style, and of course, capture my wit and wisdom.

Hey, I just realized, it’s nap time ! I let you watch the video… I’ll rest.

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