“The Garfield Show” : a Garfield for each month

Actually, there are 12 animated Gif of Garfield to download. One for each month.

So if you want to adopt me, download me!

To download the animated Gif you want, that’s very simple :

1) Click on it, this will open a new window

2) Click on File, make a “Save as…”

3) Save it on your computer (check that the format is .gif).

That’s all ! You can put it now wherever you want, or send it to your friends, etc…

Happy Valentine with Odie!
Garfield in January 2009: Happy New year! Garfield in December: Merry Christmas!
Garfield in october : all ready to trick or treat ! Garfield in November: Halloween is not over!
Garfield in september Garfield in august

Garfield in June, Happy Birthday Garfield ! Garfield in july. It’s sumer time with Garfield!

Garfield & Odie in May

Garfield in march

Garfield makes Earth turn round

Garfield in april