Set up by Georges Dargaud in 1943, the Dargaud publishing house initially specialised in press and distribution. Its magazine Pilote, launched in 1959, attracted the most gifted cartoonists : Uderzo( Astérix), Greg (Achille Talon), Gotlib, Bretécher(Agrippine), Lauzier, Cabu,Fred, Christin, Mézières, Druillet and many others. From 1961 onwards, Dargaud started to produce comic books and by the 1980s had become the leading publisher of comic books in Europe.

Garfield first appeared in the DARGAUD list in 1984. At a publication rate of two volumes a year, it was soon one of the stars!

Nowadays, Dargaud can boast:
- 46 Garfield albums in print
- 4 million albums sold… that’s one every 3 minutes!
- …. and almost as many servings of lasagne eaten.

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