Garfield’s screensavers

To download the screensaver choose : (Don’t worry — it’s so easy Odie could do it!)

1) Pick the screensaver you like and click on it ( be careful, for each one, you will be asked to choose between 2 different resolutions: 800 x 450px or 1024 x 576px, depending on the size of your screen).

2) this will open a new window: opening file + name and it’ll be proposed to “save the file” or “cancel”

3) click on “save the file” and let the computer work alone.

4) You’re done now! Your screensaver is installed and you’ll discover Me or Odie in action on your screen .

5) Let’s play now !


- Garfield walks 800x450px - Garfield walks nearer 800x450px  
- Garfield walks 1024x576px - Garfield walks nearer 1024x576px  

 - Odie 800 x 450px  - Garfield runs 800x450px  
 - Odie 1024 x 576px  - Garfield runs 1024x576px