Garfield is a fat, lazy, cynical, endearing cat. Born in the kitchen of Mamma Leoni’s Italian rest aunt, he weighed five pounds, six ounces at birth and right from the start he showed a passion for Italian food. The restaurant owner, forced too choose between Garfield and closing his doors for lack of pasta, sold Garfield to a pet store. Garfield thought he was a goner until Jon Arbuckle walked in the door.

1st appearance
: June 19, 1978

Main characteristics
: Considers cats to be the most highly developed species on the planet. Particularly loathes Mondays and raisins, adores TV and lasagna.

Personality: He’s a wisecracking, nap-taking, coffee-guzzling, lasagna-loving, Monday-hating, dog-punting, spider-whacking, mailman-mauling fat cat!

: “It’s all about me!”