PAWS: The Cat’s company

Paws, Inc. takes care of the cat – because the cat takes care of Paws, Inc.!

Cartoonist Jim Davis’ company, Paws, Inc., located near Albany, Indiana, was founded in 1981 to handle the creative end of the Garfield licensing business.  Today, Paws is the sole owner of all copyrights and trademarks for the Garfield property, and controls not only the creative angle of the fat cat’s flourishing empire, but also the licensing, marketing, and brand management of Garfield and the Garfield characters.

Paws has on board a team of artists (designers, sculptors, animation and computer graphics experts, etc.) who work to keep the cat fresh and funny.

Paws is also Jim Davis’ workplace. He has input on all aspects of production and, with his wife Jill Davis, keeps a close eye on the overall management of the fat cat’s 30-year career.

Keenly conscious of environmental issues, Jim Davis has had a water and waste treatment system set up that uses nature (and not chemicals) to keep the water clean. 

The company’s values are unique and are a true reflexion of the Garfield spirit: “Take care of the cat, and the cat will take care of you”, ” Family comes first” and ” Have fun!”.